Why do stores already have the items that I pre ordered?

The reason why big box retailers have these items on the shelves before we receive them is because of they have an advantage in getting these products faster from the companies. As a smaller retailer we are at a disadvantage, but we still do our best to make sure we can get these items to the hands of collectors faster.  

Am I charged right away for pre order items?

When you place an order for a pre order item or items on our website you will see a hold charge on your account. This will only be for a short period of time, and than the hold charge will come off of your account. Once we receive these items, we will then charge your card, and ship your items.

Why should I purchase from Chi-Town Toys & Collectibles?

We are a small, collector and family owned business. When you purchase from us you are purchasing from collectors, and not another big box corporate store.